“Japan Innovation Challenge” was successfully finished for 2016.
We appreciate all your challenges!!
October 24, 2016
Japan Innovation Challenge 2016 Executive Committee

Japan Innovation Challenge 2016

■ Contest Results

October 17, 2016

No team accomplished missions

October 18, 2016

No team accomplished missions

October 19, 2016

Mission 1 accomplished by
Limited Liability Company CCN iRobotics

October 20, 2016

Called off for bad weather

October 21, 2016

Mission 1 accomplished by
WorldLink & Company SkyLink Japan
・Called off at noon for strong wind

■ Contest Videos

October 17, 2016

October 18, 2016

October 19, 2016

October 20, 2016:Called off for bad weather

October 21, 2016

■ Participants

■ Briefing Session

Briefing Session Details

■ Promotional Video

Chapter 1: Requirements

Version 1.5

■ Prologue

This implementation guideline(”this guideline”)describes rules for the Japan Innovation Challenge 2016 contest(”this contest”)and is created for the safety of participants as well as people who are involved in the contest. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

■ Special Terms

Some special terms are used in this guideline.
(1)This contest; the robot contest under this guideline(Japan Innovation Challenge 2016)
(2)Host; Japan Innovation Challenge 2016 executive committee
(3)Team(s); the participant(s) of this contest, could be a party of single person or several people.
(4)The venue; a forest in the city of Kamishihoro, Hokkaido.
(5)Missions; three missions (“Locate”, “Send Rescue Kit”, “Rescue” ). Details are stated in Chapter 2 「Contest Missions

■ Goals

This contest is held to help to:

  1. Innovate and develop drones and industrial robot technologies.
  2. Accelerate commercialization of robot products and international competitiveness of Japanese robot engineering.
  3. Activate rural areas by holding this contest in a small town.

■ Contest Date and Time

  1. This contest is held from October 17 to 28, 2016. If it snows during the contest, we will call off for your safety.
  2. The contest will be held every day from 10am to 4pm during the contest. All teams can get ready from 9am. After a mission is finished, please leave the venue before 5pm.
  3. All teams are required to participate on the first day of the contest (October 17, 2016). Attendance is not required from the second day.

■ Venue

Forest in the city of Kamishihoro, Hokkaido
166/167, Azakami-otofuke, Kamishihoro, Hokkaido

■ Entry Qualifications

For all who may be interested in participating in this contest, you have to be qualified for all the requirements below:
(1)If team members belong to companies, at least one of them has to be founded under Japanese law and legally exists in Japan. If participants do not belong to a corporation, at least one of them has to have a valid legal resident permission issued by Japanese government.
(2)Any of the participants must not belong to any anti-social organizations.
(3)Visit our official website for registration (www.innovation-challenge.jp)before October 13, 2016 11:59pm. Registration starts from June 2016.

■ Fees

No registration fee is required. However, you will be responsible for your own expense of transportation, accommodation and foods during the contest.

■ Three Competition Missions

This contest includes three missions, “Locate Missing Person”, “Send Rescue Kit” and “Rescue Missing Person”, under the situation of an accident in a mountain. Teams have to participate in one or more missions.
Further details are stated in Competition Missions

■ Prizes

  1. Each mission has its own prize. If no team accomplishes a mission, the prize will be accumulated to next missions.
      Mission 1 “Locate Missing Person” Prize of 500,000 JPY (one team a day)
      Mission 2 “Send Rescue Kit” Prize of 5,000,000 JPY(one team during the contest)
      Mission 3 “Rescue Missing Person” Prize of 20,000,000 JPY(one team during the contest)
  2. Winners have to receive a prize. No rejection is accepted.
  3. The judgment will be finalized by the host. Only the participating team can appeal complaints against the final judgment. The host may go through and reconsider the final judgement if receiving the objection.

■ Available Facilities

  1. Each team can use classrooms of vacant elementary school near by (“the available facility”) for free of charge. You may need to share a room with other teams depending on the number of participants.
    Also, you will have free internet access (wired and wireless), electricity and heaters.
  2. One parking spot is given to each team at the venue.
  3. Please take other teams into consideration and keep noises minimum when you use the facilities.
  4. Please take care of your own valuables. The host and staff members are not responsible for any kind of accidents or loss.
  5. Please keep any technology information, documentations and devices confidential at any times. If you have any information or devices with which you may obtain a patent, please do not let others access them. The host or staff members are not responsible for any leakages.
  6. Please prepare your own accommodations. The host does not provide hotels for participants.

■ Accident Preventions and Public Health

  1. For the purpose of preventing accidents, all teams are required to submit a letter of consent regarding safety measures listed below an hour prior to the contest starts. Late submission is not accepted
    (1)Please give one or more measures to prevent your robot from injuring people.
    (2)Please give one or more measures to prevent your robot from damaging other teams’ robots.
    (3)Please give one or more measures to prevent loss or corruption of your robot.
    (4)Please give one or more measures to stop your robot when it runs out of the virtual fence.
    Host may ask for certain safety measures if necessary, and the team will be responsible for explaining the safety measures applied to your robot. If a robot stops due to a malfunction inside of the virtual fence, the host will retrieve it.
  2. The host will not provide meals. So please prepare your own meals and take bins away with you.
  3. All teams, all participants and all spectators need to join a liability insurance and a personal property insurance. Each team can register up to three robots. The host is responsible for insurance fees.
  4. The host may postpone or cancel the contest due to bad weather or any safety reasons.

■ Visitors/ Spectators

  1. No admission fee is required.
  2. Visitors must stay within the viewing area prepared by the host. The viewing area is surrounded by safety nets.
  3. This contest will be broadcasted via internet.

Chapter 2:Contents of the Contest

■ Scenario

Mr. Obihiro was climbing a mountain in autumn. He had some climbing experiences, so he decided to climb by himself. He arrived at the top of the mountain at 3 pm. As he was far behind the schedule, he climbed down the mountain immediately.
At 4 pm, the weather changed suddenly and started to snow. At 4:30 pm, it turned to a heavy snow storm and he got lost completely. At 5pm, he called a rescue by his mobile, but he could not tell where he was.
He has enough food and water to survive for a day. He has a rain coat but not a jacket to keep him warm. A rescue helicopter cannot fly in the snow storm, and a rescue team cannot enter the mountain until dawn since it is already dark. Now Mr. Obihiro’s cell phone is out of battery and there is no way he can contact anyone. He cannot survive in such a heavy snow storm, so the rescue team decides to rescue him using a rescue robot.

The mission for you is to locate where he is in the deep snowed mountain. Locate where he is and send the rescue robot to him. If Mr. Obihiro is injured and cannot move, just leave a rescue kit, including a transceiver, a camping tent and blankets, by his side. Time is running out. Find him and bring him back safe.

■ General Criteria

  1. Robots, including drones, should be controlled and activated under Japanese law.
  2. Teams have to follow the instructions provided by the host.
  3. If any team members break a rule, that team will be disqualified from the contest.
  4. All robots should stay in virtual fences during the contest, until 4 pm, each day.
  5. The virtual fences will be built by a polygon consisted of about 20 vertexes.
  6. All robots should attach a GPS tag which weighs 200 grams for tracking. During the contest, the host will locate all robots by GPS and may film by drones from the sky.

■ Rules on Robots

  1. No limitations on cost to create or modify your robot.
  2. Robots should be controlled by wireless.
  3. No limitations on numbers of robots used in this contest.
  4. Robots can be controlled automatically or manually. Please use a legal radio frequency. Host is not responsible for adjusting radio frequency between participating teams.

■ General Rules

  1. A mannequin will be placed somewhere at the venue before the contest starts.
  2. The mannequin might be placed in different places each day.
  3. The host will not disclose the installation location of a mannequin during the contest. Any dishonest act to gain information in advance is strictly prohibited. Robots cannot enter the air at a height of 10 meters and a 3meter radius of the mannequin.
  4. The teams cannot use any devices and tags emitted from robots the day before.
  5. The teams have to control a robot within the specific area at the bottom of mountain prepared by the host. Team members cannot enter the virtual fences.
  6. The teams can activate a robot only after the host announces the start. There are plenty of spaces at the starting point, but please avoid collision since many teams start robots at the same timing.
  7. You can place a wooden board (one meter x one meter) at the starting point which is provided by host to each team.
  8. During this contest, a robot has to stay within the virtual fences. However, it can return to the starting point for charging batteries and being fixed.
  9. If the robot goes outside of the virtual fences, it has to be stopped automatically. If the robot stops outside of the virtual fences, the host will retrieve it.

■ Contest Missions

  1. Mission 1 “Locate Missing Person”
    Participant teams need to find a mannequin located somewhere in the venue. Get its location and take a picture of it.
    (1)A team that finds the mannequin needs to get its accurate location (longitude and latitude) and take a picture of it, then email them to the host for inquiry.
    (2)When locating the mannequin, use mannequin’s head as the accurate location. When reporting longitude and latitude, an error of ±30meters is accepted.
    (3)The host will reply to the team within 5 minutes whether the location is correct or not. If it is correct, other teams will also be notified. If the answer is incorrect, only the team which sent email will be notified. And this team cannot resend another email for another 10 minutes as a penalty.
    (4)If no team finds the mannequin with 61 minutes, the location will be emailed to all teams.
    (5)Robots can release an object that weighs less than 100 grams. However, it should be retrieved and environmental friendly.
    <Success Criteria>
    (1)Complete this mission within 60 minutes from the start.
    (2)Email a photograph of a mannequin and its accurate location to the host.
    (3)The location (longitude and latitude) of the mannequin that you email the host to should be within ±30meters of mannequin’s actual place.

  2. Mission 2 “Send Rescue Kit”
    Send a rescue kit within a 3 meter radius of the mannequin. The rescue kit is a 3kg box, assuming a transceiver and blankets in it, which is prepared by the host.
    (1)If a robot releases a rescue kit from the sky, do not drop it within a 50 meter radius of the mannequin.
    (2)All teams will be notified by email when a team accomplishes the mission.
    <Success Criteria>
    (1)Complete this mission within 180 minutes from the start.
    (2)Send a robot within a 3 meter radius of the mannequin.
    (3)Send the rescue kit within a 3 meter radius of the mannequin.

  3. Mission 3 “Rescue Missing Person”
    Rescue a mannequin and take it back within a 10 meter radius of the starting point.
    (1)You can participate only in Mission 3. Missions 1 and 2 are not mandatory.
    (2)The host will use the speedometer and thermometer to measure the amount of impact that the mannequin received and its temperature during conveyor.
    <Success Criteria>
    (1)Complete this mission within 360 minutes from the start.
    (2)Convey the mannequin within a 10 meter radius of the starting point.
    (3)The mannequin should be sealed from outdoor air and kept between 25-30 degree Celsius in temperature during the convey.
    (4)The impact on the mannequin during the convey should be less than one gravitational force longitudinally and laterally.

■ Termination of the Contest

  1. Everyone has to leave the venue by the gate closing time. We will retrieve all robots and return them to each team.
  2. No teams are allowed to enter the venue after the contest.

■ Details of a Mannequin as a Missing Person

(1)Human body shape(no gender)
(2)Plastic made surface
(3)Wearing clothes
(4)30 degree Celsius in temperature
(5)Omitting CO2 from its head
(6)Has a beating device in the chest
(7)Holding a speedometer, a thermometer and a GPS device around its chest. Team members cannot use information from those devices.
(8)About 50kg in weight

■ Details of a Rescue Kit

(1)Cube shaped(L 200mm× W 200mm× H 200mm))
(2)3kg in weight
(3)A wooden box which is able to endure the impact
(4)Holding a GPS device. Team members cannot use information from this device.

■ Prohibitions

Team members are not allowed to commit things listed below. If any team or a team member breaks a rule, this team will be disqualified.
(1)Disturbing the contest and other team members, including the act of physically impeding other teams’ route and destructing radio frequency, etc.
(2)Joining the missions by a dishonest way.
(3)Ignoring instructions of the host.
(4)Breaking the rules and clauses of this contest.
(5)Vandalizing the venue, facility and devices deliberately.
(6)Invading properties and privacy of the host, other teams and a third party.
(7)Breaking the law.
(8)Any other acts that we consider as inappropriate.

■ Cancellation of Contest

We may cancel the event if anything indicated below happens.
(1)When any critical accident or injury happens to participants or visitors.
(2)When natural disaster such as earthquake and fire occurs.

■ Accidents and Troubles

  1. The host is not responsible for any troubles between teams, team members, and a third party.
  2. The host is not responsible for any accidents occurred to team members, visitors, robots and any devices.

■ Copyright

  1. The host does not claim the copyright or the patent to robots or devices invented by a participating team or team members.
  2. The host allows participants who accomplished a mission to use the title "Japan Innovation Challenge 2016". The condition of usage will be decided by the host.

■ Media

  1. During this contest, you might be interviewed by media.
  2. If you have any technology or a device that should not be disclosed, please hide or cover them from the media.

■ Application

All applications regarding drone usage are under process with related government bureaus.

■ Host

Japan Innovation Challenge 2016 Executive Committee

■ Sponsors

JTB Corp. West Japan
NTT Docomo, Inc.

■ Supported by:

Cabinet Office for Overcoming Population Decline and Regional Revitalization
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

■ Visitors/ Spectators

  1. Venue
    At the bottom of Naitai Highlands
    (166/167, Azakami-otofuke, Kamishihoro, Hokkaido)
    Visitors need a car to get there since it is far from the center of Kamishihoro.
  2. Schedule
    October 17 to 21, 2016
    9:30 Gate opens
     ※ No team is allowed to enter before 9:30 am.
    10:00 Mission starts
     ※ You can enter or leave the venue anytime between 10:00 and 16:00.
    16:00 Mission finishes
    17:00 Gate closes
     ※ Please leave the venue before 5 pm.
  3. Parking
    There are about 40 parking spots available at 85-13 Azakami-otofuke, Kamishihoro
    15 minute walk from the parking lot to the venue.

■ Application for visitors

Closed for 2016

Closed for 2016


Q. Considering “If it snows during the contest, host may call off the contest for your safety”, how heavy the snow should be and what are the criteria to make a decision on?
A. For example, when the storm warning is in effect, we may cancel the contest. Based on the day’s weather, we will announce the participants by email and our official website by 9:00 am.

Q. Considering “All teams are required to participate on the first day of the contest (10/17/2016)”, is it possible to join the contest after the second day due to the work?
A. We will have an opening ceremony on the first day, so please contact us if you would like to discuss about your situation.

Q. Can we leave the contest after my team’s mission is finished?
A. Yes, you don’t need to stay until the last day of the contest.

Q. Is there a map that specifies the observation area, virtual fences, and a starting point?
A. We will announce it on our website in the middle of August. Please do not enter the venue without our permission. Contact us if you would like to visit there before the contest.

Q. What is the specification of the location tracking device(200g tag), and will it be provided?
A. We will announce the specification and provide the device in the middle of August.

Q. Can we maintain our robots in the vacant elementary school?
A. Yes. Please share the spaces with other teams.

Q. How many robots can we bring in to this contest?
A. There are no limitations on numbers. You can bring in as many robots as you’d like.

Q. How wide the searching area will be?
A. The contest venue is at least 3 km2. We assume natural disaster in the mountain, so please include the mountain roads and the adjacent area as a part of the searching area.

Q. Will we be informed details of mannequin’s clothes and colors in advance?
A. We will announce it on the day of the contest. It will be typical outdoor clothes.

Q. How far can we go into the wood to operate the robot?
A. Participants should operate robots at the starting point. Regarding operation methods, it can be auto-controlled or radio-controlled. Also, you may need to check images sent from your robot to identify the mannequin.

Q. What kind of member do "2016 Japan Innovation Challenge executive committees" consist of? Do they consist of the existing robot-related companies and universities?
A. The committee consists of supporting companies and local government officials. Since it needs to be approved by the local government assembly, we will officially announce it later. The existing robot-related companies and universities members are not in the committee.

Q. Are you going to hold briefing sessions to inform us the contest details?
A. There will be a briefing session at Roppongi Hills on August 19, 2016. Please apply from the application form of our official website.

Q. Should I participate in all of the Missions? Is it possible to participate only in Mission 1?
A. It is not necessary to participate in all missions. You can participate only in Mission 1.

Q. When I spot the mannequin in Mission 1, what kind of GPS information should I email to the host?
A. Latitude and longitude (ex. North latitude xx degrees, xx minutes and xx seconds)

Q. Is it still considered to be success of Mission 2 even if the rescue kit dropped from a drone hits the mannequin?
A. Since a mannequin is considered to be a real person in this contest, your team will be disqualified on that day. You can join the mission held on next day.

Q. Is there any possibility to have radio frequency interference during the mission?
A. If the interference happens, we will divide the frequency into several channels and assign one to you.
Interference may happen when many robots are operated at the same time. We expect you to take measures to meet this situation. Innovate and establish a new radio operating system including solutions for frequency interference. You can discuss with other teams and decide which channel each team uses.

Q. Do you inform us local weather, wind velocity and mannequin clothes prior to the contest?
A. We will provide you with the information every morning before a mission starts.

Q. How many people is the maximum in one team?
A. There is no limitation on the number of team members.

Q. Regarding Missions 1and 2, how are the time to complete a mission and the accuracy of location of the mannequin reflected in an evaluation? Will points are added or deducted depends on the time and accuracy?
A. If you complete a mission based on the “Goals of Accomplishment” of Missions 1 and 2, no additional points will be given.

Q. Can we make a contact with our robots in a virtual fence?
A. You can operate your robot at the starting point, so you can change a battery if you need to. However, if you lose a contact of the robot and it gets lost in the mountain, you can’t get it back until the host retrieves it after the mission is finished.

Q. Can we physically touch the robot to change a battery?
A. You can change a battery at the starting point.

Q. In Mission 2, will it be regarded as mission completed; lowering the rescue kit using a rope to the ground and then drag it to a mannequin, or dropping the kit from a drone and then move it near the mannequin.
A. As long as you operate according to the rules, you can use any procedures to send the rescue kit to the mannequin. We expect various ideas and methods to complete this mission.

Q. How can we use one of the facilities “Ijyu-taiken-house”?
A. After your application is submitted, we will examine and reply to you. As we would like a big party to use this facility, we will prioritize teams which consist of bigger number of members.

■ Contact

Japan Innovation Challenge 2016 Executive Committee office
Contact Personel:Kamimura
[email protected] 03-5784-1089